Fort Hood

MICC-Fort Hood provides cradle to grave contract support for supplies, services and construction in support of the Fort Hood Garrison and its tenant units.

Its core customers include III Armored Corps and its subordinate units are prepared to rapidly deploy and conduct the full range of military operations to seize, retain and exploit the initiative, in order to deter or defeat any adversary. The Corps is prepared to exercise mission command of Army, joint and multi-national forces, as a corps, joint task force or combined joint forces land component command.






Aundair Kinney


The Mission and Installation Contracting Command provides Army commands, installations and activities with disciplined and responsive contracting solutions and oversight. On order, aligns and provides contracting forces in order to enable Army Unified Land Operations.


We do the right thing every day and are known as the Army's premier contracting organization.

Last updated: Sept. 21, 2015