Fort Irwin

The Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Fort Irwin contracting office serves as a vital member of the National Training Center Team and a key component in the successful fulfillment of the installation.

MICC-Fort Irwin continually strives to provide quality products and services to our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. Current information on active contracts, upcoming and ongoing solicitations and quotations is available upon request.






Lt. Col Frankie J. Cruz


Provide Fort Irwin, the National Training Center and tenant units and activities with responsive contracting solutions and oversight. On order, provides trained and deployable contingence contracting teams to the operating force. Support and assess NTC rotational unit CCT contracting execution.


A team of civilian and military contracting professionals that provide effective contracting support and do the right thing every day. Uphold and sustain the reputation as the Army's premier contracting organization.


  • Provide high quality, timely, customer-focused contracting guidance and acquisition solutions to our customers.
  • Assist customers by providing training, education and support on acquisition processes.
  • Meet or exceed congressionally mandated socio-economic goals and promote competition.
  • Optimize our workforce capacity with professionally trained, highly skilled, dynamic acquisition professionals who are empowered to successfully provide sound business advice and add value to our customers.
  • Develop relationships with contractors and vendors that have a proven track record of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness that will exceed customer expectations and requirements.
Last updated: May 23, 2013