Fort Leavenworth

Welcome to Mission and Installation Contracting Command Fort Leavenworth (MICC Fort Leavenworth). We are committed to providing professional contracting support to our customers.

The MICC Fort Leavenworth provides contracting support to all Training and Doctrine Command Activities, Combined Arms Center and provides direct BASOPS support for IMCOM, FORSCOM, MEDCOM, Army Correctional Command and the Joint Regional Correctional Command and other tenant activities located at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.Types of supplies, construction and services we procure include:

MISSION CONTRACT SUPPORT - Doctrine Development, Advisory & Assistance Services, Analytical Support, Special Studies, War Fighter Support, Field Manuals, Simulation Support, Combat Development, Software Development, Training and Courseware Development

SUPPLY CONTRACT SUPPORT - ADP Hardware, Industrial Equipment, Training Materials, Odorized Bulk Propane, Office Supplies and Rock/ Salt/Sand

CONSTRUCTION, REPAIR AND RENOVATION CONTRACTS - Alterations/Renovations of Buildings, Asphalt, Concrete, Elevator, Painting, Sewage, Air Conditioning/Heating, Boilers, Electrical, Masonry, Roofing and Utilities

SERVICE CONTRACT SUPPORT - Administrative Support/Classroom Services, IT Equipment Maintenance, Cellular/Analog/Digital Service, IT System Services, Translation Services, Custodial Services, Copier Maintenance, Elevator Maintenance, Gas-line Survey, Packing and Crating, Post Graduate Degree Courses, Fire Extinguisher Services and A&E Design Services

SERVICES - Bus Rental, Cable TV Service, IT Maintenance and Moving of Furniture

SUPPLIES - ADP Equipment / Supplies, Light Fixtures and Lamps, Cleaning Supplies and Equipment, Recreational Equipment, Repair Parts – All Types of Equipment, Photographic Supplies, Office Equipment, Office Supplies, Communication Equipment, Engineering Supplies, Engineering Equipment – Heavy Duty and Commercial Furnishings

TYPICAL BANKCARD ACQUISITIONS - Books/Training Aids, Miscellaneous Medical Supplies, ADP Software/Supplies/Equipment, Office Furniture, Plumbing Parts/Hardware and Safety Equipment






Curt Cummins


Provide a Center of Excellence for a full range of acquisition functions to encompass mission support requirements for all Training and Doctrine Command activities, the Combined Arms Center and to provide direct BASOPS support for IMCOM, FORSCOM, MEDCOM, the Army Correctional Command, the Joint Regional Correctional Command and other tenant activities located at Fort Leavenworth.


  • Provide our customers with sound business advice, mission and installation contracting support.
  • Develop our workforce by providing individual and organizational career program management.
  • Strive to continuously improve business process efficiencies, and exercise effective stewardship of all our resources.
  • Share best practices across the Mission Installation Contracting Command (MICC) to contribute to the Army wide contracting capabilities
Last updated: May 23, 2013