White Sands Missile Range

The Mission and Installation Contracting Command-White Sands contracting office provides contracting support to produce the best value to the mission, service members and their families and the installation community.

The White Sands contracting office provides support to Army, Navy, Air Force and DoD customers as well as the Army Test Center, Network Integration Evaluation, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center, NASA, Center for Countermeasures, and Japanese Ground Self Defense Force. Procurements include supplies, services, construction and test support.






Tim Byrnes


Mission and Installation Contracting Command certified professionals provide responsive, complete and compliant contracting solutions to Army commands, installations and activities. On order, provides trained and deployable contracting support forces to the operating force.


We do the right thing every day and are known as the Army's premier contracting organization.


  • Provide customer-focused contracting guidance and acquisition solutions to our customers in accordance with DOD standards.
  • Assist customers by providing training, education, and support on acquisition processes.
  • Meet mandated socio-economic goals and promote competition.
Last updated: May 23, 2013