Joint Base Lewis McChord

The Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Joint Base Lewis-McChord contracting office provides effective and efficient contracting solutions to joint customers that produce the best value to the mission, service members and their families, and the installation community.

MICC-JBLM provides support to Army and Air Force customers on the joint base as well as Army requirements at Yakima Training Center, Washington. Its procurements include supplies, services, minor construction, utilities, and grant-cooperative agreement support. The office also provides contracting support for installation support services to other MICC offices in the 418th Contracting Support Brigade area of responsibility.

The 902nd Contracting Battalion works hand-in-hand with the MICC-JBLM office to support local and migrated acquisitions when not deployed in support of joint warfighting requirements. The battalion provides operational contracting support to regionally aligned forces including I Corps, 7th Infantry Division, and other missions as assigned in the U.S. Pacific Command theater of operations and elsewhere.










Vincent Marsh


The Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Joint Base Lewis-McChord and 902nd Contracting Battalion executes disciplined and responsive contracting solutions and administration to Joint Base Lewis-McChord and assigned Tier I and II installations to enable readiness for a self-reliant and globally-responsive all-volunteer Army. On order, deploys in support of JBLM regionally aligned forces, enabling them to conduct Unified Land Operations for the U.S. Pacific Command and other combatant commands globally.


The Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Joint Base Lewis-McChord and 902nd Contracting Battalion are elite and innovative acquisition professionals committed to provide the Army’s premier mission-focused contracting support reinforced through unit-aligned operational contract support, force development, and Soldier and family readiness.


  • Provide high quality, timely, customer-focused contracting guidance and acquisition solutions to our customers in accordance with DoD-established Joint Base Common Output Level Standards.
  • Assist customers by providing training, education and support on acquisition processes.
  • Meet or exceed congressionally mandated socio-economic goals and promote competition.
  • Optimize our workforce capacity with professionally trained, highly skilled, dynamic acquisition professionals who are empowered to successfully provide sound business advice and add value to our customers.
  • Develop relationships with contractors and vendors that have a proven track record of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness that will exceed customer expectations and requirements.
Last updated: Feb. 2, 2017