Core Customers

Joint Readiness Training Center Headquarters:
The Joint Readiness Training Center is one of the Army's three "Dirt" Combat Training Centers resourced to train infantry brigade task forces and their subordinate elements in the Joint Contemporary Operational Environment. JRTC is focused on improving unit readiness by providing highly realistic, stressful, joint and combined arms training across the full spectrum of conflict.

Network Enterprise Center and 7th Signal Brigade:
Defend the Network while providing transparent integration and delivery of LandWarNet IT services, connectivity, security and capabilities in support of battle command for all operating and generating forces assigned to Fort Polk.

Logistics Readiness Center:
Directs the development, coordination and supervision of functions pertaining to logistical support of the Installation, senior mission commander, satellite and tenant activities. Directs operations of supply, transportation, maintenance, ammunition quality assurance, logistical planning, and other logistical services and related matters. Advises the 406th AFSB, garrison commander and senior mission commander on matters pertaining to logistical support.

Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital:
Ensure medical readiness and training while providing accessible and effective healthcare for the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk community.

Fort Polk Garrison (Installation Management Command):
Provide a secure, thriving community for Soldiers, Army civilians, retirees and their families.

4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division:
18th Airborne Corps

1st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade:
The MEB is a tailored combined arms force with a headquarters staff designed to plan and execute protection, movement and maneuver, and sustainment tasks. It uses its subordinate units within their specialties to conduct maneuver support operations in its area of operations and within the broader AO of the organization it supports. The MEB provides added security and defense for other units and enhances freedom of action for the supported higher command.



Last updated: Feb. 2, 2017